image: daphne

image: daphne clusters

I received a beautiful hand-tied bouquet yesterday, cut from a shrub in a friends garden. It’s called Daphne. I’d never heard of it before. Gorgeous creamy white flower clusters and glossy green leaves. The scent is quite amazing. I keep getting wafts of it as I sit and stitch.

image: current stitches

Thank you for your comments left in response to Monday’s post. It’s been quite a journey so far and we haven’t even built anything yet! Alice, I think that this particular build will be much more up Homestyle’s street!

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  1. You’d never heard of Daphne before? Thats terrible! I consider it the best part of winter when our Daphne bush blooms. The smell is incredible.

  2. Wondering if perhaps we don’t have it in the UK Steph?

  3. Kate

     /  July 26, 2012

    Hello lovely! Daphne is definitely available in the UK. Other great winter scented shrubs are Sarcocca confusa and Chimonanthus – keeps you going in the bleak mid winter – especially in Australia! xxx

  4. It really has passed me by then Kate. I’ll be emailing you (or getting you on a plane) once we’ve purchased our new section!! x

  5. I have a Daphne in my front garden – it came from Great Dixter so it’s the classiest thing in the garden!
    I think the main variety here is pink with variegated leaves.
    Sarah Raven loves to use it to fragrance the house. I think she has about 3 dogs to it all helps – ha ha ha

  6. It’s possibly my favourite floral scent of all! You need to really drink it in. Inhale like you’re meditating, to get the magnificent range of the perfume. Mmmmmm-ahhhhhh!

  7. Caroline

     /  July 27, 2012

    Yes, the main variety is deep pink, with white inside, but glossy dark green leaves – not variegated, though that is another kind you can get. I was also astonished that Agnes had never heard of it. It is sensational. Chimonanthus is another Winter essential with an even more delicious smell – usually known as wintersweet, Recommend putting that on your list for your new garden. And freesias, lily of the valley, lilac, violets, philadelphus…

  8. I just had my pink Daphne bush taken out (it got a bit of a beating when we had out home repaired after the quakes) I miss the beautiful scent as you walk in the entrance, so it’s going to be replaced. Hopefully I can get a cream one like the ones you’ve been given, it’s lovely.

  9. Wow, didn’t know about daphne, well one must have daphne in their garden, a beautiful delight in the middle of winter.

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