What did I say two posts ago? That my website would be up and running in about a week? Pah! What was I thinking?! Maybe it was  that Miss Tread Softly would continue to sleep in the afternoons for three hours. Maybe I was thinking that I’d have the energy and focus to work on it in the evenings. Maybe, I’m always unrealistic when it comes to the time available and what I can fit into it! Must work on that. I bumped into a lovely customer this morning at the hairdressers who told me that she was missing my site. So, for you, Janet, I will do my utmost! No deadlines as I always disappointment myself when I can’t meet them, but, rest assured, I will do my best.

This Saturday I’ll be at New Rags Market at the Town Hall in Masterton and on Sunday, at St John’s Hall, Greytown along with clothing designer Linda Buick and artist Sandra Wong. I’ve been working on an a-frame sign to put on the pavement outside the hall. It’s ridiculously heavy so won’t blow away in the Spring winds.

image: sign writing in progress

One of the things I love about small town living is that neighbours and friends are always handing over big baskets or boxes filled with home-grown produce. Today, I received  sunshine daffodils and heaps of juicy lemons. Thank you! Freshly laid eggs will be making their way back to the generous friend.

image: daffodils and lemons

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  1. watchthatcheese

     /  August 24, 2011

    Yay! Carterton is a lovely small town – I would move back there like a shot..

  2. Anotheroneopens

     /  August 25, 2011

    I used to think ‘ once we get back to normal I will ………..’. It took several years before the awful realisation dawned- this is the new normal!

    P.S. Can’t see you pictures- is it me and my computer?

  3. Poppy Black

     /  August 25, 2011

    How lovely- daffodillies – my first big one came out today. I adore spring! XXX

  4. Ohhh you have chickens?? Tell us more.

  5. oops, sorry, I searched the archives and learnt about the chickens. an update would be nice though.

  6. Hi Pixie! The ‘girls’, Mrs M, Barbara and Margo are doing just fine. Each day we collect a couple of eggs which means that we can give some away to neighbours and friends every so often. They love to run free around the garden when we’re out there and enjoy dustbaths in the vegetable garden!

  7. Hi Poppy. They make you smaile don’t they? We have lots of miniture ones that my Dad planted when he was last here all around out deck. x

  8. Another Door Opens – hahaha! I learn so much from lovely people like you!

  9. …and I’d happily move to Hay Roz!! xx Happy days to you.

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