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Is it really July? How did that happen? Our world is so bright since Honor arrived but ask me what day it is and I probably couldn’t tell you! But, I can recite ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ without looking, tell you how many gorgeous curls she has on her head, well up every time she says the word Mama, bake a half decent muffin, sing the ‘Tickley Rain song’ in my sleep and multi-task for England!

image: our girl

Time, I’m finding, just flies and I’m not managing to get any sewing in. I’m sure that little pockets of opportunity will appear every now and again but because they aren’t there consistently, I’ve decided to close my in-person shop – at least for the time being. The agnes coy website will continue to be open as usual. I think that will be much more manageable for now.

One thing I am finding the time to do almost daily, is to blog. It’s a private blog, of course and written especially for Honor. It’s the perfect way to document our daily happenings  through images and text. A space to keep memories for when she’s older. A place where she can see and read about all those people who have been part of her life to date.

My friend Laura from Petit Voyage dropped by yesterday to meet Honor and have a bite to eat. She generously gifted Honor one of her beautiful Memory Capsules.

image: memory capsule

image: capsule contents

Such a wonderful gift. The wooden teething peg and merino cloth are already in use, the leather luggage tag will be attached to her case on our first trip to England (nothing planned yet) and the tactile timber capsule will house those precious gifts and letters given to her by her birth family. If you’re in Wellington, nip into Redcurrent or Kirkcadlie and Stains and have a little look Laura’s beautifully crafted products.

Children’s Music Group tomorrow so I’m away to warm up my vocal chords!

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  1. Milly

     /  July 7, 2011

    Just love the photo of Honor with her little cot. You sound very happy …such a pleasure to read how you are all getting on. Love the Memory Capsule.

  2. doreenandjohn

     /  July 7, 2011

    You have no idea how proud we are of all three of you love dad&bampa,mum&nana d.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  3. amy

     /  July 7, 2011

    hey there…..
    Honor looks simply adorable playing with her toys, and yes i agree time flies by so fast with little ones around. Being female we have a better chance of multi tasking ( well some of the time)
    lots of love to you all
    amy x

  4. Nikki Watson

     /  July 7, 2011

    Hi Alison

    I love the memory capsule idea – it is absolutely beautiful and such a novel gift. I’ve often thought of doing a personal blog as a journal for my children (age 4yr & 6mths) but always wondered if they will be able to access it when they are old enough to read and understand i.e. in years to come will the computers be able to decipher what we’ve done today on current computers???? I’m probably just overthinking the whole thing!! x

  5. …………how adorable, a photo of your little sweetie playing with her toys. Lovely post, can see you are already well in the swing of motherhood and now having to put a few things on hold. Like all we very capable mothers (and grandmothers!) you will manage to do it all…………..with the help of Mr. TS of course!

    Lovely that your blogging time is now for Honor. Perhaps a good idea is to also print your posts and place in a binder/book to ensure she will see them in the future…………I’m with Nikki re: computers in years to come etc.

    Have a wonderful week Alison, and hopefully the tag in that lovely gift will be on Honor’s UK-bound suitcase in the not too distant future!

    Hugs – Mary

  6. Jan Cross

     /  July 8, 2011

    What a precious wee girl she is – the photo is a treasure and tells a story in itself. Jan

  7. So adorable, even in a photo you can just imagine her playing at being a little mama! Where is that gorgeous toy cot from?

  8. There is a little one!!!
    who looks really busy, is she?
    xx Catherine

  9. i am so glad to read that you are blissfully happy.

    the private blog is a lovely idea. make sure you have it printed each year, in book form.


  10. Hi Milly. I really like that photo too. So glad that you’re enjoying the read.

  11. Ahhh, that brought a lump to my throat Mum and Dad. x

  12. Hi Amy. Is all well with your two littlies? I remember us talking about all the brightly coloured toys that the children get given and how is doesn’t fit in with our ascetic! Amazing what you can get used to! x

  13. Hi Nikki. Thank you for your message. I’d thought about that to – it’s a valid point. I intend to publish them yearly in a little book for her to keep. You can’t beat a book can you?!

  14. Hi Mary. Technology develops so quickly doesn’t it? For me, an online blog is the most accessible right now. It takes me minutes to pop up a post each day but I do intend to have them all printed as well. It makes sense doesn’t it?
    You’re always so generous with your comments Mary. Know that I appreciate them. x

  15. Hi Jan. I’ve taken 100’s of photos already and she’s only been with us for two months! She moves so quickly that most of them are blurred. Thank goodness for digital cameras!

  16. Hi Steph. Tha cot was a hand me down from a friend who’s children have outgrown it. Wondering about painting it and making a little quilt out on antqiue fabrics. The only problem is fitting it in!

  17. Hi Catherine. Yes, she’s a busy little thing. We spent the day together in the studio today and it worked perfectly. I worked on orders, she played and looked at books and every now and again we’d stop what we were doing for cuddles and games. Lots of fun. Hope that you’re little family are well rested after your break away. x

  18. Hi Kat. How good to hear from you. I most certainly will be having the blog printed every May. Can’t wait to see if in book form.

  19. Maggie Rainey-Smith

     /  July 13, 2011


    I live reading about your little treasure.
    I will try and contact your friend Laura and her Petit Voyage.
    I may be interested in stocking them.

  20. Hi Maggie,
    So glad that you’re enjoying the Honor posts!
    Yes, do contact Laura. She’s wonderfully approachable. Her Memory Capsules are very special.

  21. So happy you have all settled in so well. Love the photograph….little mama already! A Steiner playgroup is starting up in Greytown at the Plunket Rooms on Tuesday mornings… thought you might be interested. I have another little dress for Honor too,…J.xx

  22. Hi Janelle! We’re also glad that she’s settled so easily. She’s a little star! Thank you for the heads up about the new playgroup. I’ll call them to find out more. Oooo, another Sadie dress! How exciting! x

  23. My name is Maggie Rainey-Smith and the above comment did not come from me…Is there another Maggie Rainey-Smith out there?

  24. Hi Maggie. There must be. The Maggie who left the initial comment though, doesn’t seem to have a blog or a website as there isn’t a link via her name. It does sound as if she owns a retail space though.

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