child proofing

If I could send each and every one of you a bunch of freshly cut flowers, I would. We’ve so enjoyed reading each of your comments and emails – thank you. It’s amazing how many people through the blog, website and everyday life, have told me that they got their children through adoption or’ Home For Life’ as it’s called here.

This week has been a huge, enjoyable, emotional learning curve with Honor teaching us all we need to know. She’s such a clever, contented little girl.

Tomorrow I’ll be child-proofing the studio and hope to get back in there working the week after next. The day we found out about Honor I’d been working on a little monogrammed lavender hanger that I really enjoyed making for our neighbours birthday gift. I’m planning on offering a small selection of monogrammed goods  in the near future through the website, as they will be something I can sit and stitch whilst Honor naps.

image: monogrammed lavender hanger

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  1. Thats lovely embroidery.

    I didn’t need to child proof anything with my eldest ( from when she was very young), she played with everything very nicely and gently, didn’t put anything in her mouth, most of the time she put everything back part of the game I think.

    So you might be lucky!!

    On the other hand my youngest is trying to drive a vintage knitting needle between the floorboards as I type this.

    Take is easy getting back to work.

    xx catherine

  2. Have fun this weekend and enjoy the new work phase – it will be an experience to create with a little one around…three words….’short time slots!’ Many, many congratulations again. K

  3. hmmm child proofing, now that brings back some memories! Love the monogramed pillows, gorgeous..

  4. Thanks Catherine. I really do love to stitch by hand. I’m hoping that Honor will just play with her toys and leave Mummy’s alone. It’s a space that she’ll be spending some time in each day so I want it to be child friendly as well.
    The plan is to go back in in a couple of weeks. I am very aware however that that is just a plan and that things do change with a little one around. We’ll see how it all goes. 🙂

  5. Short time slots – VERY wise! Thank you.

  6. Hi Shiree. Glad you like the pillows. Keeping it simple has always been my design philosophy.

  7. Oh isn’t life simply wonderful!
    I just love how you’ve slipped into motherhood and your little Honor has slipped into your lives as well.
    She must feel very loved and secure and your workroom will have a whole new meaning now!

  8. whitelavender

     /  May 29, 2011

    A lovely stitched sachet. May you have many peaceful hours stitching while your beautiful girl sleeps. Your photo of Honor with her bottle brought a huge wave of emotion to me, a gorgeous photo. I have just had my 8 month grandson and 6 year old grandaughter to stay for a week, it was wonderful.Shirley

  9. Believe me Shane, it’s a MASSIVE learning curve for us! 🙂
    Each day we feel a little more confident. Thank you for commenting.

  10. Hello Shirley. A beuatifully thoughful and gentle comment – thank you so much for it.
    Life is so good isn’t it?

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