stuff that dreams are made of

image: miss tread softly and daddy

Our lives are about to be turned upside down. We’re excited, ecstatic even, scared, anxious and a million other emotions all rolled into one. Back in February of this year, our profile was placed in the NZ adoption/Home for Life pool. A few days ago, our social worker popped over for a cuppa and also to deliver the news that we had been chosen – chosen to parent a little 11 month old girl. The stuff that dreams are made of. Our little dream anyway.

Two days ago we all met. Adorable, perfect, tears, cuddles, over whelmed by her goodness and so very thankful.

My shop, for the next little while will be open by appointment only. My website, I will try to keep on top of. Please bear with us whilst our lives settle. I will be spending most of my time with our beautiful girl over the next couple of weeks until we bring her home for keeps, so please allow 48 hours for me to get back to your emails and orders.

We’re decorating for England, pondering over colours, peering over fabric swatches. Of course, there had to be another paper chandelier. This time a globe of bouffant gorgeousness.

image: paper chandelier detail

image: through the bedroom window

image: paper goodness

Would this be a good time to ask you for your favourite online little girl sewing patterns? I’m itching to get started.

Until next time…

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  1. Rose

     /  May 1, 2011

    We are so very very happy for you.

    Many congratulations to you both.

    My daughter has called her daughter–Evie,( Evelyn
    We have a great time on the SKYPE. I can see right into her moses basket. Bristol does not seem so far away.
    Happy days ahead. Susana

  2. Geeb

     /  May 1, 2011

    That looks like the hand of a crafter already… it’s that poised pinky that does it!


  3. I hardly know what to say except that we are SO happy for you both. :)))

  4. Who cares about the chandelier!!

    I am crying so much, I am so happy for you all, my two are in the lounge playing with the brio train track and I am trying not to wail, I can barely see the screen through the screen because of tears.
    T just ran in and said some times when you are happy you cry!

    Best of luck over the next few days and coming weeks, if you ever want to talk food, poop, sleep, play, toys, packing, swimming, outings I can do it for England.

    Chandelier looks lovely, don’t be surprised if you are rushed off your feet over the next few months with happiness to notice it.

    Lots of love Catherine

  5. How wonderful! I am so very happy for you.

  6. sheryl

     /  May 1, 2011

    I was just about to go to bed when I read your post. I popped into your shop for the first time the other day and we shared stories of sewing and manuka honey. I could also have shared the stories of my four children, who came into our lives just as you have experienced . People so often ask me about my family and how it came to being. My response is always….if God came and told me I could choose my life again, I would simply tell him to, “Push the Replay button.” Congatulations, simply beautiful news. xxxx

  7. Congratulations to your new addition – how exciting for you all, and we hope your new life begins together smoothly.

    I was thinking Alison that you should looks at Townmouse, a Melbourne mum that sews darling clothes, and has a wee girl herself.

    Julie Q

  8. Congratulations to you both what a wonderful and brilliant thing to happen. I am sure you guys will have great fun. Please keep us updated with news about your new addition to the family, if you have any spare time.

  9. So many many congratulations to you and Mr STS!

  10. that is such wonderful news!

  11. Can’t stop thinking about your news might have to post comments a 100 more times.

    Just think about the garden Wendy house Mr TS will probably make next summer, so excited!!!!!!!
    The curtains you might make to go in the windows!!!!
    so happy!!


  12. A true blessing! Your new girl is lucky beyond belief to be growing up with parents who are so creative and down-to-earth.
    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.


  13. Wonderful news and beautiful pics Alison – my sincere congratulations to you both. :))

  14. Congratulations! There is no more rewarding thing than to parent a child and share their journey in life.

    I received your message in regards to the Ch-Ch workshop, and fully understand that now is simply not the time. I appreciate your efforts in trying to arrange the workshop. I’m so happy that I managed to pop into your gallery when passing through Carterton last month. The lavander pillow and beautiful bird cushion were both gifted to my Mum on her birthday and she loved them.

    PS Love the new paper light shade…you’re so talented.

  15. Tears filled my eyes when I read this post. You are so blessed! May you be filled with joy and happiness all your lives. Love and best wishes for your new family.
    Love, Marilyn

  16. Wow – that is such lovely news! congratulations to you both. all my love, K at designcrafty

  17. Nikki Watson

     /  May 2, 2011

    OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!! Your email gave me goose-bumps. Soooooooo extremely happy for you and what amazing life changing news. You are about to embark on THE MOST emotional time of your life … having children tears at your heart EVERY day. I have a little boy of 3 and just had a little girl 14 weeks ago (I bought the “Nesting” cushion off you for her nursery). Congratulations, well done and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy your little girl!!!!


  18. Wow, that is wonderful news!

  19. Alison!

    11 months old, you’ve got a birthday party to organise for four weeks time!!
    Maybe not a big one, but a big cake 🙂

    Trumpet, I think that he will also play a huge part in your new little one’s life, T (now age 4+) and Freda Lavender are the best friends and the cat sleeps at the end of the bed, they may even share the same toothbrush when I am not looking and T also insists on being weighed at the vets. I did put a lot of effort into showing her how to be gentle and its really paid off.

    Still so happy for you

  20. Holy moley mackeroly! That’s awesome news. Congratulations 😀

  21. Such blessed news. Congratulations!

  22. oh my! i popped over to see what you’ve been up to of late, & read your news. how utterly wonderous! i hope you find as much happiness being a mama, as i have. (it’s never too early to begin homeschooling 😉 )

    much peace and love.

  23. Rachel

     /  May 3, 2011

    Congratulations Alison. What a clever little girl to have found such lovely parents for herself. Can’t wait to see what the next generation will create! Wishing you all much joy. x

  24. Andrea

     /  May 3, 2011

    Such joyful news.

  25. Milly

     /  May 3, 2011

    Congatulations-such great news. All the best to you all. I can just imagine what a gorgeous bedroom you will create for her!

  26. This is so great, enjoy every minute !!!!!

  27. OMG – my heart skipped a beat when I ready your news on this post.

    Your greatest job in life is about to begin
    as mother, parent and nurturer.

    How amazing and exciting for you and I can only imagine at how elated you must be feeling Alison.

    Enjoy every moment
    God Bless

  28. Oh Alison – what amazing news!!I am so happy for you both. Some great sewing pattern sites for littlies –
    There are lots of others. Elsie Marley is hosting the Kids Clothes Week Challenge next week I think.
    Happy nesting and best wishes.

  29. Here I am a stranger who reads your blog for the delight it gives me. I send all three of you my heartiest best wishes for your future together.

  30. Ellen

     /  May 5, 2011

    Congratulations! You may be aware of an Oregon woman who is waiting for an adoption to go through. She has been sewing, knitting and crocheting for a little girl and has gorgeous patterns at
    Go through the archives for inspiration!

    I was going to see if you might be open on Saturday or Sunday this weekend. Instead, I’ll smile to think of you with your little one!

  31. Anotheroneopens

     /  May 5, 2011

    Wonderful, wonderful news for all three of you. We were so moved by your posting today and we are so happy for you. Enjoy every minute of the new life ahead of you. With every good wish.

  32. sue worth

     /  May 5, 2011

    Dear Alison,
    I had tears running down my cheeks as I read the email tonight. How lucky you both are and how lucky is that special bundle to have you as her Mummy. Good thigns always come to those who wait and even though I haven’t met you I guess you have waited for this very wonderful time. I’ll hunt through patterns and see what I can find for you. I’m a step granny and even though I don’t see enough of the kids and they are growing so fast they are all inspirational in some way. I work fulltime as a teacher and am always inspired by children and what they individually offer the world. They make me laugh, they make me cry, they frustrate me but they always make me so so glad I chose teaching as a profession.
    Congratulations and every good wish for a wonderful future as a family.

    love Sue Worth

  33. Zarich

     /  May 10, 2011

    Sorry I’m so late to comment on this. I am very VERY happy for you both. What joyful and satisfying news. Many congratulations. Zxx

  34. Geraldine

     /  May 11, 2011

    Dear Alison and Gregor

    Have not had much time to read your blog of late but was delighted to hear the wonderful news. It must be a dream come true for both of you.

    You have so many happy, loving and exciting times ahead so relax and enjoy all those precious moments.

    love Geraldine

  35. arrrgghhhh! this is the best news i’ve read in ages. i’m so happy for you. and for the beautiful little girl who is now your daughter. congratulations!!!!

  36. Itisi

     /  May 24, 2011

    Daughters are special, wonderful creatures. My daughter understands me, is always there for me and is my best friend. Some of the best moments of my life have been shared with my daughter!

    Congratulations and enjoy your daughter!

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