taking life at a slower pace

Still taking it very easy here at the so tread softly house. Yesterday was restful with time spent on the deck in the sunshine, a roast meal expertly prepared and cooked by Mr TS using organic produce from our summer garden and a short, very pleasant visit with friends in the afternoon. The same friend, in fact that dropped by on Christmas Eve with a fabulously massive bunch of the most glorious hydrangeas.

image: freshly cut hydrangea and twinkle lights in the fire-place

We had bunches of hydrangea at our wedding so they’re pretty special flowers to us.

image: hydrangea detail – every petal a perfection

Thank you so much for your heart-felt messages attached to the last post. Each and every one of them brightened my day. Having had a second stay in hospital last week I really needed brightness!

Feeling much more like my cheery self now and spending lots of time in this little corner of our home:

image: colonial day bed

We moved the day bed from the library into the living area and am very much enjoying resting, reading and feeling the breeze through the open window.

image: day bed with ticking mattress

Until next time lovely people…

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  1. Hello Alison,

    Your hydrangea pics are beautiful. I actually bought myself two blooms (in a lovely blue) on Christmas Eve – I just couldn’t resist. They’re wonderful flowers and how perfect for a wedding…
    I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve had another short spell in hospital. I continue to wish you a full and speedy recovery and the very best for 2011.


  2. Thanks D. I love the chalky blue ones as well. We planted two in the garden today so hopefully next year I can cut my own.

    Thank you for your best wishes. Know that I appreciate them.

  3. I love the paperey texture of hydrangeas, a neighbour has them her garden and I enjoy watching the colours change.
    Wishing you happiness and good health for the New Year.

  4. Lucy

     /  December 28, 2010

    Hi, Alison it’s that mad knitting woman from Crawley College.
    I’ve been following your success for some time now, and I’m so sorry to hear that you’re unwell.

    Kind Regards
    Lucy Speed.

  5. Helen

     /  December 28, 2010

    Hi Ali

    Take good care now …………….thinking of you, love to you both…..xxxx
    p.s. Chris is leaving the RAF during 2011 – 31 years – time for a new challenge 🙂 🙂

  6. That looks like a very lovely place for rest and recovery – hope you are doing ok. Was wondering if you would like to do a little collaboration sometime in the new year? thinking maybe along the lines of some of your beautiful mofits, my repeating pattern stuff – combined to make some new fabric designs? see how you feel….one day at a time…K

  7. Yes, French Knot – I do too. Have you dried them before? They look great threaded up like a garland. Thank you for your wishes. 🙂

  8. Hi Lucy, Good to hear from you. Lovely to know that you drop by every now and again. I’m sure that you’re still knitting up a storm. I’ve actually just pulled my needles out after several months.
    Have a great New Year and give my love to England,

  9. Thrilled that Chris has decided to try pastures new. How exciting. Good ness only knows where you will end up living as you’ve had your fair sahre of countires. Just wish that it was NZ.
    Love to yhe three of you, A x

  10. Hi KP, I’m doing fine thanks. Feeling stronger each day now which is just great.
    A 2011 collaboration sounds very exciting. How about we chat about it at the end of January when I reopen my business? Just leave a comment on the blog of drop me a line at my email address and we can have a natter about it.
    Hope that you’re having a restful Christmas,

  11. Wonderful to see that you are blogging! I am also knitting and quilting while I’m on holidays. I gave my friend the button bracelet and lavender door decoration that you made, for Christmas. She was speechless! It was perfect! Love, Marilyn

  12. Milly

     /  January 2, 2011

    I was interested in the photo of your ‘day bed with ticking mattress’ Is that a copy of the ‘Country Living’ UK magazine beside the day bed? That photo evoked some really good memories of our recent trip to the UK. I discovered that great magazine while there and brought back 3 copies. I have since subscribed to it and love it! I also noticed your Fortnum & Mason’s wicker basket. When I visited their London shop I wanted to send back a gift basket with the distinctive initials on the side, but the F & M man said I could not import the willow basket to NZ. However Customs said I could have, with declaration. I will have to return to get one!! All the best for your recuperation.

  13. Catherine

     /  January 5, 2011

    hello Alison

    Just a quickie to say Happy New Year to you both. Hope that you are feeling a lot better.
    is it flip flop weather there yet, still depressingly grey here today.
    just waiting for the daffs to show themselves, bit early maybe.

    xx Catherine

  14. Hello Marilyn, Isn’t it great to have the time to do just what you want to during the holidays? So thrilled that your friend was pleased with her Agnes Coy goodies. Thank you for letting me know. Wondering if I could use part of your comment as a quote on my website? Would that be okay?
    Cheerio for now, Alison

  15. Well done Milly – it is indeed a copy of Country Living! Well spotted! I always get really excited whenever I see a new copy in the shop. I usually rush home with it and sit with my feet up and a cup of coffee and browse.
    We brought our Fortnum and Mason box with us from the UK. We had to put all of our wicker into one box and MAF had to be on site when we opened it at this end. We had to pay for that though. They need to check that there aren’t any bugs being carried in the natural material.
    Thank you for your best wishes,

  16. Hi Catherine!
    Happy New Year to you too.
    Feeling much better than I was thanks. Have just returned from a week at Lake Taupo. Hot sunshine and cool lake waters – wonderful! Flip flip (they call them jandels here although I never will!!) weather will be with us until Aprilish by which time you’ll be looking forward to dusting off yours.
    Love to you and Brighton,

  17. Gary

     /  January 13, 2011

    I saw this and thought of you…. not sure why


  18. alison

     /  January 16, 2011

    Hi Gary,

    Oddly enough, that project also caught my eye just the day before you left a comment! Oooo, spooky! Maybe it’s because we always have logs laid out in our fireplace with fairy lights on them that made you think of me?

    Hope that all is well with you both.
    Alison x

  19. Gary

     /  January 16, 2011

    …and I knew there’d be fairy light involved.


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