We’re all really excited here at the Tread Softly house as Barbara (we think it was her anyway) laid her first proper hard shelled egg! It’s perfect and dotted with the cutest little freckles. What should we do with it? It’s pretty small, much smaller than the ones you get at the supermarket but we do want to do something special with it. We would be very grateful for any suggestions.


image: barbara’s first egg

 There’s a bit of a dairy theme going on today because I also promised that I’d share my friend Janet’s cheese recipe with you. It’s so easy but tastes delicious.

You will need:

large pot of greek yoghurt

muslin cloth

fresh garlic

fresh herbs


 Place a sieve over a bowl and line it with your muslin cloth (you could also use a stocking)

Pour yoghurt into the cloth

Cover yoghurt completely with the cloth and put in the fridge for 24 hours

The whey will drain through the cloth and sieve and collect in the bowl. You can throw this away.You will be left with curds that will be the consistency of cream cheese.


Place the curds in a bowl and wash the muslin. You can reuse it another time. I’m certain that you’ll want to do this again and again.

Finely chop the garlic.

 Add garlic and salt (to taste) to the curds and stir.


Turn out the cheese onto a plate and pat into shape. Finely chop fresh herbs. I used flat leafed parsley only because I have so much of it in the garden at the moment. Sprinkle the cheese with the herbs.

Serve on crusty bread and eat with your favourite person.

And there we have it! I told you it was easy didn’t I? Let me know how you get on.


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  1. Eggs are so beautiful and so scrummy lovely recipe xxxxx

  2. Rose

     /  September 29, 2010

    blow it and paint with fab colours. Not easy but beautifully done by Austrians and Russians as a traditional skill.
    I tried it ———but surprise surprise ——–the shell broke.
    Keep it up, you inspirational gem. Welcome to the Wairarapa Rose

  3. I used to know a Ukranian woman who painted the most beautiful traditional designs on eggs – she’d been taught by her grandmother – unfortunately I don’t know any of her secrets… google search? I’ll definitely try the recipe – thank you for that. Lovely pics!

  4. Thanks Lynn. Hope you get the chance to try the cheese out.

  5. Rose – that’s a GREAT idea! I might just try that. Thank you so much for your warm welcome. 🙂

  6. Retrofemme – I will certainly google it. I think that painting the first egg would be just lovely.

  7. Hi Alison,

    I read your blog every week and am very envious of your Good Life in my old home country..!

    I tried your homemade cheese at the weekend, thank you for sharing the recipe. Garlic at the ready to keep those colds away.

    Love the pic of your pear tree – does it bear fruit?

    Best wishes from London,

  8. The first egg is so exciting, I remember finding our first one. Ian poached it to perfection and we shared it, it was the most wonderful egg I had ever had! x

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