this is not a chicken blog

I promise you that this isn’t going to turn into a chicken blog, but look:

image: one, two, three chickens

Don’t you think that three are better than two? Exactly! That’s just what I thought. I have a pile of poultry books stacked up by the bed at the moment and they all say that we can expect about 5-6 eggs per week from our two chooks. Now that’s fine for Mr TS and me but we live in a community where neighbours share what they have and we really wanted to be in a position where every now and again, we could pass a basket of eggs over the fence.

Right now, I’m thinking of what my friend said in an email, to me a few weeks ago. She said that she started with three chickens and now has thirty of them! Hmmm, it seems that they’re addictive. Had better watch that.

Mr TS had built three nesting boxes so Barbara and Margo’s home was crying out for one more house mate and so I called the chicken lady, who just so happened to have one Light Sussex chicken left of the same age, and arranged to pick her up last Wednesday morning. Named Mrs Mountshaft (the leader of the music society in The Good Life (incidentally, the theme tune to this show was a very strong contender for the ‘walking down the aisle’ music when we got married!)), I popped her into the chicken run and she seemed very at home and content to be amongst her pals again. That is until Mr TS went to check up on her after dark that evening. She was nowhere to be seen. I’d noticed that her wings hadn’t been clipped and therefore was hoping that she’d done a runner rather than become a dogs supper. I couldn’t see any feathers or evidence of a struggle but I did have a restless sleep that night. On Thursday I decided to produce a pile of ‘Have you seen my chicken?’ flyers and delivered them to all the neighbouring homes. I’m sure that they now think I’m bonkers but hey, my goal as I get older is to become a little more eccentric so that sits quite well with me!  Anyway, no sign of her Thursday and I was beginning to lose hope. That is, until yesterday afternoon. I was on the phone to a friend in my studio and I got the odd feeling that I was being watched. I turned around and there, on the other side of the french doors, was Mrs Mountshaft! I have no idea where she’d been or where she’d come from but she was back. Apologies to my friend on the other end of the phone for yelling ‘MRS MOUNTSHAFT!’ and hanging up!

She had a good nights sleep with Barbara and Margo, has had her wings clipped so that she doesn’t go AWOL again and is being watched over by Trumpet.

image: cat on a chook house roof

And just to prove that this isn’t a chicken blog, here’s a little shot of my stall at last Saturdays Craft 2.0 fair. It was an amazing day!

 image: agnes coy stall

Untill next time ..

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  1. LOL I almost snorted wth laughter. Sounds like you got a dramatic chicken there so the name suits her.

  2. Haha, very funny story. Love animals stories so if you slip a few in now and then it would be good. Glad Craft 2.0 was good for you – nice pic.

  3. Glad you enjoyed the post Steph! So good to have a chicken with some get up and go!

  4. Hooray! So pleased to have permission to write chicken posts! Hope that all is good with you Kerrianne.

  5. I adore the names of your chickens! The Good Life was one of my favourite shows as a child. Their chicken coop looks amazing, and I’m so glad the wanderer found her way home!

  6. watchthatcheese

     /  July 20, 2010

    Oh you weirdo! Imagine walking down the aisle to that – you made me snort!

    So glad your chook came home..

  7. I’m glad too Ros. The three of them are getting bigger and bigger each day. Trumpet thinks that he is also a chicken and hangs out all day in the run with them! We started them on adult laying food on Monday. Roll on their first lay!

  8. Great stuff, thanks for the post. These are some very practical tips full of seem to have a real passion for your subject which is really all the motivation you need.

  9. Great stuff, thanks for the post. These are some very practical tips full of seem to have a real passion for your subject which is really all the motivation you need.

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