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So, this is the post where I talk randomly about things that are happening in our neck of the woods…

It seems that there are a few of you out there who are having a go at making ‘Mother-in-Law’s Muesli’ (see last post). Several visitors to the shop this week have commented on it. Mother-in-Law Tread Softly was positively thrilled when I told her. Mr TS made a huge batch of  it this afternoon that should see us through for the next little while. Actually we ran out on Wednesday and I’ve really missed it. Looking forward to tomorrow’s breakfast treat.

Before moving to New Zealand we talked about having chickens. Well, just two chickens called Margo and Barbara. We haven’t even got them yet and they’ve been named already. There’s a place just outside of town who has rescued battery chickens. The don’t have any feathers but apparently if you give them lots of love and attention, the grow back in about 6 weeks. Look at the house/tardis that Mr TS is building for them:

image: new hen house – WIP

This week I had a Printing onto Fabric workshop here at the studio, the first of three happening this month. The Autumn weather was beautiful and so we were able to have lunch out on the deck.

image: kirsty working on a black and white image with some subtle stitching

We have a new little someone living in our front garden. Trumpet is just fascinated and follows it around everywhere.

image: ms hog

I took this photo this afternoon whilst trying to look inconspicuous behind the olive tree!

image: ms hog against Resene Paints Periglacial Blue!

I think that my friend and neighbour from home will be very impressed with our new tenant as she has them too.

I’m in the market for a new computer. My trusty laptop really is on its last legs so I’m doing some research. Several of my friends are Apple Mac converts and are trying to persuade me down that expensive road but I’m used to PC’s. What do you think? Anyone out there able of offer some advice?

I’ve tidied up the Press page. I was just scanning in articles and I understand that they were tricky to read so I approached some of the editors and they were good enough to email me PDF copies. A big thank you to NZ House and Garden, Homestyle and Australian Home Beautiful for that.

Until next time…

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  1. Hi Alison,

    Your little hedgehog does look very cute but 2 things worry me a bit – with your autumn coming on he looks very small and to be able to hibernate successfully needs to weigh about 1 lb (in old money) – the other thing is it shouldn’t really be out during the day….I would suggest you donate a few of Trumpet’s cat biscuits (not fish flavours) every night to supplement his diet. And some water – they drink a lot!
    He will pay you back time and again by keeping garden pests down.

    The chicken house looks fantastic even in it’s unfinished state.

  2. Hi Alsion,

    We are addicted to muesli in our house too. A lady at our local Farmers Market sells a delicious one and every Sunday we get a small bowl of it topped with apple compote, yoghurt and milk.


  3. Hi Alison
    Awesome coop – very ‘good life’ I feel for your new chooks!!
    As for computers, we have a Mac and it is wonderful. So user friendly, comes with fantastic software (you can make photo books straight from iphoto and just click the ‘buy book’ button). You will never miss your PC!
    Off to buy muesli ingredients to give it a whirl.
    Cheers, Jo.

  4. Barbara and Margo lol! I would love to have a couple of chickens but not as much as my cats.
    We bought HP ProBook 4510s laptops recently and I love mine so much I got rid of my desktop PC entirely. So much power! And they were very affordable too. Dave is a computer guy so he did LOTS (and I mean LOOOOTS) of research on them before he settled on these.

  5. How gorgeous, Charlie just said to me a day or so a go that he had never seen a hedgehog before….I’ll have to show him your photographs. x

  6. amy hite

     /  May 17, 2010

    hey there alison
    enjoyed reading your latest post, ol and i have been considering having some chic’s, mr Ts has done very well with there soon to be abode.
    Well i must say since ol has purchased our apple mac, i do use it alot more, definately user friendly.Also when we skype people the quality is far greater esp if the receiver also uses a mac. There have been many a drunken night when we use the photo booth with dinner guests, very funny to look back on.
    always a pleasure to keep updated on your goings on, love to you both
    amy x

  7. When my kids are not using the tree hut under the tree any longer We love to have some chickens, fresh eggs, great!

  8. I am sure that Margo and Barbara will be very happy in their new home…
    my rowing man is a converted Apple Mac, having purchased one about this time last year, so I have inherited his “old” toshiba notebook which I quite like. The definition on his screen is so much better then previous laptops or pc’s so yeh photos, dvd’s, skypoe etc are all so much clearer, but I guess it is what you get used to.
    I have read some of the press articles, well doen, how did you get so many magzines to write about your ventures? well done I say!!

  9. The Queenly One

     /  June 2, 2010

    Hi, I found your website through Carole Brungar. Ms. Hog is so cute! Not something I would find in my backyard since I live in Wyoming, US. I hope she stays in your yard and that you give her lots of treats so she’s big enough to withstand hibernation! We’re heading into our summer here and I am SO pleased! I hosted my first barby of the summer, yesterday.

    Carole had photos of your studio on her Facebook page. I love your decor. I’m off to check out the rest of your website..

    Oh yes, thanks for a little taste of life in New Zealand!


  10. Hi Alison,

    You may have already made a decsion re. a new computer/laptop. If not – UK based artist and writer Katherine Tyrell writes a great blog http://www, Several posts ago she wrote at length about the pros and cons of purchasing an Apple Mac. Not a light read, but excellent indepth research – if that helps…

    Best regards,

    Denise (Retrofemme)

  11. Hello Denise, Thank you for taking the time to comment and for pointing me in the direction of Katherine’s blog. You’re right – it is an informative read. I’m typing this on my new computer that I purchased yesterday. I really did have my heart set on a Mac but it seems that the software I use to create my website isn’t compatible with Apple Mac’s so that made my decision for me really. It took me about 100 years to get to grips with that software and so I didn’t really want to have to learn it all again. I have to say that my new Sony Vaio looks remarkably like a Mac so I’m a very happy bunny. Thank you again for your input.

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