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image: greytown classic christmas trees

 Christmas is fast approaching and the weather’s turning warmer. I think that I’ll always have difficulty coming to terms with that. I’m used to cold, cold days, perhaps with snow on the ground, Christmas specials on the telly, chestnuts roasting by an open fire… But you know, I think that I will eventually become used to spending Christmas in the heat, creating our own personal traditions and making it our own, as opposed to what we’re told it should be. Having said that, Mr Tread Softly and I still insist on bringing a tree into the home at holiday time and a few days ago once I’d closed the shop, we took a drive down to a farm in Greytown to choose our tree.

 image: farmer christmas lending us a hand

We spotted the perfect little tree hidden in amongst a forest of its elders. We wanted it to go next to the log burner so we definitely had size restrictions.

Loading it into the truck, the cabin was filled with the smell of sweet, heady pine. We sneezed all the way home mind you but hey, it’s all for Christmas!

That evening I decorated the tree using simply white light and a scattering of tiny love hearts made from wonderful antique hemp.

image: wrapping up christmas

The very next evening, the weather took a turn for the worse and as our home is just heated by that one log burner we had to take down the tree and move it into the lounge so that we could have a fire! Do you know, as I sat there with the log burner blazing, a blanket over my knee, watching the white lights on the tree and tucking into a bowl of walnuts, I got that feeling, that little spark of Christmas, that warm contentment. 

We’re living our dream here, away from everything I know, but with our fourth Christmas just around the corner  and by including just a few of my memories and past experiences into our new traditions, it allows me to connect to those that I love and miss at home.

Another post is planned for tomorrow with details of my opening times during the Christmas holidays but in the meantime I want to wish all of you who take a few minutes out of your precious days to read my occasional ramblings, a very happy, peaceful and restful Christmas.

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  1. In all my 30 yrs of being a kiwi I have not one memory of a sunny Christmas Day. Without fail it rains for atl east part of the day and blows a gale. I think spending the day with a blazing log fire would be perfect and cosy.

  2. Lovely tree!
    It’s freezing here! We have had snow showers on and off yesterday and today in Essex, but a layer of snow has finally settled this evening. Here’s hoping tomorrow will be a snow day!
    Merry Christmas & warm wishes for the New Year,

  3. amy

     /  December 19, 2009

    merry christmas……… ho ho ho
    i cant believe its your 4th christmas!!!! well it really has had that christmas feeling today, as we woke to snow. wills and olly built snow men early before school, it was a perfect end to willow-roses first term at big school.
    I hope you both have a fantastic christmas, hot or cold!
    lots of love and luck for the new year

    amy x

  4. Christmas greetings from Scotland! My little cousins live in Australia so they are having a warm Christmas as well. Your tree decorations sound beautiful. It was frosty this morning, and I had to thaw out the pan before the chickens could drink.
    And it started to snow in the afternoon, so I went outside and danced on the lawn.

  5. I can hardly beleive you have been away that long Al. I do miss you but am so glad that you have settled so well there. Paul and I hope that you two have a SUPER Christmas and that the new year brings you both much happiness. Write me when you can.

  6. Steph – than a blazing log fire we shall have! It will be just like an Englsih Christmas!

    Jess – snow at Christmas time – how perfect! Have fun snowballing!

    Amy – …and I can’t believe that Willow is at school already. How time flies. Big love to you all this Christmas. x

    Rebecca – thawing out the chicken pan? Hmmm, maybe that’s a tad too chilly for my liking! Dancing in the snow sounds like lots of fun.

    Kelly – nice to know that you check in every so often. Very wise seeing that I’m so rubbish at emailing! We both wish you all a very happy Christmas as well. I’m sure that your decorations look as amazing as ever. Lots of love x

  7. anna lee

     /  January 5, 2010

    love your blog your – I live in the states, in North Carolina by the Ocean. You bring your part of the world alive for me. Thanks I shall be on the look out for buttons & thing for you.

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