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Whenever I can, I like to start my day with a walk. I roll out of bed, grab something warm and off I go for about an hour or so. We’re so lucky here because a 4 minute walk takes you right out into the countryside. It’s such a wonderful way to start the day especially if I’m planning to sit in front of the computer for several hours working on my website (guess what I’m doing today!).

25th April is ANZAC Day (australia and new zealand army corp), a time when NZ closes down out of respect for those who lost theirs lives in past wars. It’s a public holiday and so Mr Tread Softly said that he’d quite like to walk with me first thing.


It was one of those mornings (in fact, it has been all week) when the air is fresh and crisp, the grass is dewy and the sky is blue. My most favourite mornings. We walked for an hour and a quarter and during that time passed a fellow walker, a farmer and a herd of cows!




By 8.30 each morning the day has hardly begun and already I’ve experienced something quite wonderful. What’s your favourite way to start your day? I’d love to know.


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  1. i’d love to start my day later. that would be lovely.
    i like quiet mornings, a warm cup of coffee or tea, snuggle time & a book with my son.
    wonderful photos 🙂

  2. ditto Kat, having a cuddle in bed with my husband and my two children and then after breakfast having a coffee in a cafe.

  3. for me its a few cups of irish breakfast tea and a little sun on my deck:: you can see the Pacific ocean, and watch the hummingbirds!

  4. Mum

     /  April 27, 2008

    Sitting around in the mornings makes me feel too lazy. Its good to get up and going. When everything is done, then I can sit and rest with a cup of tea and my feet up, usually by about 4 pm. Refreshed by the rest, it gives new energy for preparing the evening dinner.

  5. Beautiful, beautiful New Zealand. Your pics brought back wonderful memories of two very enjoyable holidays we have had there. Thank you.

  6. aarrgh! these photos really make me feel homesick. in a good way though- thank you for sharing! i was brought up on a dairy farm much like the one you photographed, with big rows of trees like that brodering the paddocks. what a gorgeous way to start the day, alison!

  7. You just got my day off to a lovely start–thank you! I like to begin my day by snuggling with my 15 month old for the 30 seconds she allows me. Of course, my day doesn’t really start until she goes down for her nap and I can have my daily dose of caffeine out on the deck.

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