Things haven’t quietened down one little bit since my last post. Still working on the kitchen, website (maybe a New Year opening is more achievable?),regular work…the list goes on and I won’t bore you with it. I have however, been working on a bunch of embellished vintage ready for the site. Here’s a sneaky peek. An over-sized corsage for a 60’s sweater.


Last weekend was a first for Mr Tread Softly and I. Our niece (6) and nephew (3) came to stay with us for two nights without their parents! Now that, believe it or not, was a big deal for us, not having children ourselves and never having been responsible for them EVER! I don’t mind admitting that we were a little bit scared. How do we put them to bed? What if they don’t go? What do they eat? What do they do? We needn’t of worried of course because we failed to remember that we do, in fact, have the most well behaved, fabulous niece and nephew in the world! Every now and again when no one was looking, Mr TS and I would huddle in corners with both thumbs up saying things like, ‘we’re doing really well!’ {giggle giggle}

We spent time at the park whizzing down the wire on the Flying Fox


playing cricket


and best of all, helping to make a rag doll who we named Babushka


I picked the 1970’s pattern up at a garage sale last week and thought to myself ‘I know a little girl who would love to make that.’ And make it, she did.



Remember the wool I brought to make more nests? Well, I made a handful of them. Some have already been given away but I thought that you might like one. I have two up for grabs, perhaps for your Christmas Tree? Shall we say that the first two people to leave a comment on this post gets a nest? Yes, let’s say that.


Until next time…

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  1. Ann

     /  November 13, 2007

    Yay! I love the bird nests. The corsage is gorgeous too! Ann

  2. emma

     /  November 13, 2007

    Good morning. I like to say hello but would also like a nest too if I am second!
    Love reading your posts Alison. I hope to hear from you soon – Mrs Busy!!
    Love Emma Whiston

  3. Oh, drat! Just missed out. Shame – the blue one would have looked lovely on our tree. Perhaps I will have to have a go at making one myself!
    Good for you on looking after the niecephews! They seem delightful and how fab is your niece?! Soon you can put her to work for Agnes Coy!
    Best, Claudia

  4. What a find! Miss Polyanna/Babushka. Perfect for a 6 yr old. She would have loved it. What a great Auntie you are! Well done.

  5. There could be no greater gift than a kind relative having your children for a weekend and making sure they have such a special time.
    Hooray for Aunties and Uncles!

  6. Your nests are beautiful! Looks like you had a fun time with your neice adn nephew…and you got to give them back! Love the vintage jersey too.

  7. Myra

     /  November 14, 2007

    How lovely – as good time had by all. You are naturals at it.
    Looking forward to seeing the kitchen

  8. Hi,
    Loving the corsage and the nests are so cute. It’s also nice when kids show an interest in making stuff -)

  9. i love that rag doll!

  10. Hey Alison… it was d) all of the above! I loved your nests, thought the linen was right up your alley and that the simple, clean, stylish design was similar to many of the other things you make. I’m going to make myself a string too.

  11. Damn! Missed out! Couldn’t you say the first 12 people… no?
    My boys are 3 and 6 too, and are great fun like your niece and nephew- but they do take up a lot of time don’t they!
    I’m sure there parents were so grateful for a break!

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