good WIP friday

Why didn’t anyone tell me that the supermarkets shut on Good Friday here is NZ?! We have lots of jobs to do around the house today so we thought that we’d get the shopping out of the way first thing. It looks as though we’ll be having boiled eggs and toasted soldiers for supper tonight! Actually, that’s not a bad thing as it’s a favourite meal of mine.


The felt balls I was working on have now been threaded onto elastic and are ready to wear. I’m umming and ahhing as to whether to make a necklace next. It takes about 10 minutes to make each bead and I’m going to need a few of them. Maybe it’s something I’ll just take my time with. A couple of beads a day or something like that.


So, work in progress…I’m STILL working on the roman blinds for the bedrooms but I also wanted something really easy to do whilst sitting watching TV. I picked up three balls of Moda Mystique from Spotlight a few weeks ago. They were only 50 cents each so I could hardly leave them there. I’m knitting up a warm snuggly scarf and it’s something that I don’t have to look at whilst I’m doing it if there’s something good on the telly, like Ugly Betty. Such a fab programme!


I’ve been spending time playing around with ink, watercolour and embroidery which I’m enjoying. Not sure how far I’m going to take it but I have a few ideas that I need to go with.


The text, in case you’re wondering is a page from Old Yeller by Fred Gipson. Our little library was selling some books that were on their last legs for 20 cents each so I brought a bundle home with me.


Little Trumpet spent most of yesterday racing around up one of our pear trees chasing birds. Luckily he didn’t catch any but he had so much fun trying. He isn’t very streamlined yet when it comes to pouncing. He’ll leap and each leg will go in a different direction. Quite comical!



Enjoy the long weekend. Until next time…

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  1. Auntie P

     /  April 6, 2007

    Sad to think that someone like me (sneaky/crafty NOT arty/crafty) has to read her own nieces blogs to discover the world of art and craft – I find your blogs SO interesting, and that leads me on to other links that you have. You may convert me yet!!!
    Auntie P

  2. Beautiful pear tree. The deer ate our sweet little new one. Great projects all of them. And toast soldiers, what a charming turn of phrase! Are they vertically sliced toast? If so my mom used to make them for hot cocoa.

  3. I love the colours you’ve used for the bracelet!
    My cats are losing their balance slightly in their old age, but it doesn’t stop them trying to catch birds. It’s hilarious to watch!

  4. Ha! Reminds me of our first Good Friday in NZ where we planned a trip to all the wineries in Martinborough, of course, all were closed! Hope you enjoyed the eggs and soldiers – they are considered a delicacy in our house that we have when Daddy is away.

  5. Myra

     /  April 8, 2007

    Happy Easter – I hope you have a few eggs of the chocolate variety to enjoy over the weekend. I do like the bracelet and I’m looking forward to the installment featuring the necklace. Trumpet is such a photogenic kitty – and so cute. Perhaps he needs to get his coordination sorted before playing at such dizzy heights.

  6. andsewtosleep

     /  April 8, 2007

    That bracelet turned out beautiful. Can’t wait to see the necklace – no pressure of course!! Mary

  7. Oh, I like the watercolor and the embroidery on the book pages. It’s like Altered Book Art. I’m joining another altered book round robin next month, it should be another fun project.

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