rainy days

Rainy days give me an excuse to hide away in my workroom and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing over this wet weekend. I’m hoping to get all the rain out of the way to make way for glorious NZ summer weather when my folks land this week!

I tried my hand at some patchwork table mats inspired by one of my Japanese Craft books.


I’m going to have a go at making some coasters to match when I next get a couple of free hours.

The guest room needed a laundry bag. I’ve been hoarding some beautiful antique French linen for ages now so thought I’d use a piece of that. Do you do that? I have some fabulous fabrics (especially old pieces) and can never bring myself to use them. I like to look at them and touch them occasionally but the thought of cutting into them makes my heart race! Anyway, I went for it and am really pleased with the result. I used my vintage printing set and fabric ink for the lettering.


One of the things you can’t get in NZ are Kleenex Man Sized Tissues. I was taught always to have one up my sleeve so Kelly kindly shipped some over for me. To save on postage they were taken out of the box so today I’ve also made a giant tissue holder for my giant tissues!


(happy sigh) Wet weekends aren’t all bad!

Until next time…

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  1. Everything is so pretty!
    I especially love the laundry bag – it’s so classic looking.

  2. Love your laundry bag. Its far too nice to be putting dirty clothes in.

  3. wow- you have been busy!I love the linen paired with the light blue fabric, it’s so stylish and clean-looking.
    Rainy days are my favourite, too!

  4. what a fantastic productive wet weekend!
    Everything looks lovely but that laundry bag is simply wonderful x

  5. I love that laundry bag. Old French linen is so lovely and your printing looks really great. I can really relate to your fabric hoarding. I have so much fabric that I just look at and can’t bear to cut. I’m trying to get better at is though because I’m running out of storage room.

  6. Gorgeous things Alison, hurrah for rainy days. Aren’t we silly about fabric? I don’t understand my obsession with fabric sometimes!! I have a friend who just doesn’t ‘get’ the whole vintage thing at all. She was looking through the fabrics I sell and asking what people do with them, ‘some people make bags, cushions, dolls clothes, patchwork and some people just like to keep the fabric folded in a drawer and get it out to stroke from time to time before putting it carefully back’, I told her. ‘Why would anyone want to do that?’ she asked incredulously ‘oh, I don’t know’ I said turning away trying not to blush!

  7. simply lovely as always. They’re all fab, and the laundry bag is to die for.
    I know exactly what you mean about keeping pieces of fabric and not wanting to cut them up…and just enjoying them for what they are. I’ve had responses like Donna’s comment too!!
    I bet you must be besides yourself with excitement…1 more sleep?

  8. The colors! Have fun with your folks!

  9. Me too..I do like that laundry bag!

  10. Hope the weather improves, its a long way to come for your mum to get rain. However the stunning scenery is going to look good in any weather. Have a great holiday together.
    You look like you have been busy creating. I love those Japanese craft books, I wish there was an easy way of purchasing them online somewhere. I tried Amazon but had no luck.
    Best wishes Ginny

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